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Beyond the comfort zone

Hi: do you want to talk about the next step?

Have you notice that every-thing is temporary; no-thing is permanent, and change is unavoidable?

Everything is constantly changing, including these bodies that we animate, and our way of thinking about life. Yes, even our personality is bound to change; specially if we consciously want to change it.

…but there is the invisible prison: the comfort zone. 

-Fact: We humans think, our mind is constantly generating ideas, those ideas get animated and we experience the corresponding feelings. Then, the next thought (idea, memory) occurs, it gets animated, we experience the temporary mental movie; and the corresponding feelings. Then, the next thought comes; it gets animated, and so on it goes all day long. 

See for yourself, that feeling (positive or negative) you were experiencing before was a thought being animated, you experienced the “temporary mental movie, and the corresponding feelings,” that is all was going on.  Then… the next thought came, it got animated and you experienced the corresponding feelings. Understanding how the mind woks makes a big difference in how we respond to the thoughts that cross our mind at any given moment. 

-Remember: we think, our thoughts get animated, and we live in the mental movie and the corresponding feelings of our thinking. Just like watching a scary; or love story movie, the feelings are real, but the story is temporary, and it is made-up.

In the psychology world it is believed that we have between 65.000 and 70.000 thoughts per day, 95% of those thoughts are reported to be repetitive, and 80% of those thoughts are reported to be negative. That is about 48 thoughts or ideas every minute, 45 of those thoughts are repetitive, and 38 are negative.

 That is the amazing brain working to keep us alive, free of discomfort and out of danger. That is the brain alarm system at its best, repeating the same old painful or shaming stories, and offering the same old solutions to keep us alive; by keeping us within the old comfort zone.   

As you may already know; listening to the alarming mental noise is distracting, and it takes you away from the person you always wanted to be. We tend to think that we must know exactly who we are; or who we want to be before we show up and participate in life. Society keeps telling us what success is, and social media influences our perceptions of happiness and well-being. 

Getting external approval, social stability, or having financial security makes us think that we, or our identity needs improvement. The comfort zone (invisible trap) is: “I am not ready yet, someday I will be ready” … and someday never comes.

As we focus on getting external approval; the comfort zone message “There is something wrong with me, and I am not doing well enough” eventually defines our path in life; even if that path is very different than what our heart really wants. If my life path is centered around “there is something wrong with me, and I am not doing well enough” I will experience great anxiety, worry, fear and doubt about pushing against the edges of my comfort zone. 

-Fact: the comfort zone is self-sustaining, repetition strengthen its wall

Paradoxically, the way to mental health and well-being starts by expanding the old comfort zone and seeing how much we are defined by its invisible walls. Most people are not aware that their comfort zone is an invisible prison, and the alarming mental noise (repetitive negative thoughts) are the prison guards that make sure we stay away from the comfort zone edges (prison walls).

What is the comfort zone that you could expand; to live a fuller life? 

Stretch, take a deep breath, be gentle to yourself, but keep stretching daily!

Stretch your comfort zone daily, five or seven times each day is the way to expand the old comfort zone.  

Are you feeling insecure? Well, thoughts of insecurity will cross your mind from time to time, that happens to all humans. That insecure feeling is a temporary thought being animated, and you are experiencing the mental movie, and the temporary corresponding feelings. Knowing that fact, will you stay within the old comfort zone? or are you willing to stretch and find out what is available beyond fear and doubt?

Proceed with caution, slowly… but do not stop your journey…life begins beyond the old comfort zone. 

Grandma Rosalia used to say: “They say that beyond those mountains there are big cities, and people who speak, and live different than us, one day we will go to live there.”

What would you love to create in your life?  

See the invisible comfort zone, and stretch…you have 100% everything you need to find the way…

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